What has been the worst thing us humans have done to the earth?



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    Aside from mass pollution and consumption, in my opinion the worst thing we have done to this Earth would be the killing of animal species due to habitat reduction, environmental degradation, and anthropogenic activities. Here is my argument.

    We have finally been able to develop advanced telescopes which allow us to see far into the depths of space. In this space we realize just how HUGE the universe is, and how small the Earth. We can only hypothesize whether there is life or not on these planets, but we cannot know for sure. Earth is the only place that has life on it that we know about, and what we have done is systematically phase out animals by taking up their space on the land, destroying their habitat, and by overusing them as a resource. One might argue that it is the “survival of the fittest, and we use animals because we can out compete them.” In reality, yes we have out competed animals because of our large brain and its reasoning abilities. But it is for this fact, that we can reason, and think, that makes our actions against the other species of the Earth so malicious, especially when we contemplate our existence.

    So, I hold that until we can find another planet that can support life as we know it, we should do our best to conserve the animals that inhabit this Earth, for Earth could be the only place in this enormous universe that holds the entity of life.

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