What has been the worst car for the environment throughout its entire history?



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    That’s a tough question to answer, because making “worst cars of all time” lists seems to be a very popular pastime. As far as more recent vehicles, the Environmental Transport Association ranked the “10 worst cars for the environment” and the one that came out on top–er, bottom–was the Dodge SRT10 Cabriolet, which gets a pathetic 13.4 miles to the gallon and belches 488 grams of carbon into the atmosphere per kilometer traveled. However, there haven’t been a lot of Dodge Cabriolets sold in world history compared to other cars. Time Magazine, in a 2009 article listing the 50 worst cars of all time, puts the 1909 Ford Model T on its list, and personally that’s the one I’d go with. The Model T was the car that revolutionized the process of mass manufacturing and was probably responsible, more than any single model of car, for the rise of the automobile culture in America. If it’s fair to tag the Model T with all that baggage, and I realize many people will probably say it isn’t, then the Model T is probably the worst car for the environment in the history of automobiles. According to Time, it was also a pretty cruddy car in its own right, referring to it as the “Yugo of its day.”

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