What has Alicia Silverstone done for the environment?



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    Alicia Silverstone is a huge environmental activist. She has made her home eco-friendly. She’s launched an eco-friendly accessories line. She also has written a book about how to change your diet to be more eco-friendly.

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    For the past 11 years, Alicia Silverstone has lived her life as an environmentalist, adopting a vegan diet and eco-friendly practices. She has advocated her lifestyle through interviews and her fame as an actress, encouraging people to make smart decisions about eating and buying things. She has made green renovations to her home, prefers to shop at used-clothing stores, dries all of her clothes outside, and is a fan of gardening in her yard. Alicia is also the author of a book called The Kind Diet where she discusses being vegan and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for your body and for the environment.

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    Alicia Silverstone’s biggest influence is her passion in actively promoting the Kind life. She encourages her fans and followers to take on veganism and educate themselves on the quality of food they’re eating and where from the environment it comes from. Her New York Best-Selling book, The Kind Diet, introduces her readers to a plant based lifestyle void of any animal products whatsoever. She swears by the vegan lifestyle and describes the benefits of such a way of living. Besides that, she has also developed a line of makeup brushes for EcoTools and is expecting a child that she claims will be fully raised on an eco-friendly lifestyle. The Kind Diet

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