What is the hardest thing to replace in a gluten free diet?



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    It may be tricky to create gluten-free alternatives to breads and baked goods.  However, it’s becoming easier and easier to do so.  Most supermarkets now offer gluten free options for bakery items.  Entire cookbooks are also dedicated to gluten free recipes.  It’s still tricky to find things that don’t contain gluten, but it’s gradually becoming easier and easier to find alternatives.

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    jensen, I would suggest going to your local Whole Foods or Nob Hill and checking out their extensive alternative food sections. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Studies have shown that Americans who lean away from gluten tend to buy less processed food products and go more towards fruits and veggies. Even with this fact, the downsides of going gluten free include weaker bones, lack of various vitamins, and in some cases weight gain. If you plan on going gluten-free, I would consult your doctor or a nutritionist first to make sure you get balanced meals each day.

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    From personal experience, I think the hardest thing to replace in a gluten-free diet is the texture. This might sound odd, but many of the substitutes for everyday products are simply not the same. This is not to say that they are worse, they are just different from the normal gluten-containing product we are used to. For example, many of the bread loaves are much denser. And many of the packages for cookies and other baked goods create products that are grainier, and often crumble more easily. I think you can pretty much replace anything you would normally eat with gluten-free substitutes, and receive everything you need. I have just noticed in the past few years that even when the taste is well-replicated, the texture of the products are often slightly off.

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