What is the hardest part of the Half Dome hike?



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    The hardest part of the Half Dome hike is any part where the cables are (AKA the cable route). When there are cables, it is the steepest, most slippery, and highly dangerous and you aren’t allowed to even hike the trail without the cables set up.

    Sounds like a blast.

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    The cable section is certainly difficult, and specifically, I would say coming down the cable section of the dome.  You spend a decent amount of time hiking up, the switchbacks kick your tail, you climb up the cable-guided section of the dome, get to the top . . . . and relax.  It is after this period of relaxation that you must re-engage your senses and be on top of it.  At this point, you’re tired and you’re staring down a couple hundered feet, so take your time and stay engaged with your hands and feet.  Know where they are at all times!! 

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