What happens when you take a piece out of a food chain?



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    Then whatever eats that piece will need to eat something else or will die, and whatever that piece eats will probably overpopulate unless something else replaces the niche of the removed piece.

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    The food chain or food web, is a complex array of energy transfer, starting from the Sun, then going from organism to organism. If you take a factor out of the equation, everything “above” that organism or “piece of food” in the food web becomes compromised – it will either have to go to an alternative food source, or possibly face extinction. Even if an organism can eat another source of food, that food will also become depleted as a new or primary target for consumption.

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    Declining populations of carnivores in the US wilderness areas is an example that is relevant to the other responses to your question. When populations of predators such as wolves are in decline, their prey such as deer and moose increase. Convexly, when the population of predators such as wolves increases, the population of prey decreases. The links in the food web all interact with each other.

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