What happens when you burst a blood vessel in your eyeball?



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    When you burst a blood vessel in your eye, you will notice a bright red or dark patch in the whites of your eyes.  The condition usually clears up in 10-14 days.

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    A burst blood vessel, or a subconjunctival hemorrhage, is when a small blood vessel underneath the clear part of your eye breaks.You will notice the burst because there will be a red patch where your eye is normally white. That part of the eye cannot absorb the blood quickly, so it becomes trapped under the surface of the eye for 10-14 days, making it look more painful than it actually is. The cause is generally unknown, but it can be caused by something as normal as a particularly strong cough or sneeze, heavy lifting, or vomiting. It does not injure your eye or affect your vision.

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    it depend on how far one gets hurt on the eye ball .sometimes blood may ooz from the inside then the unbroken outer skin prevents it from flowing outside thus it cloats producing a visible bloodspot that can be a permanent mark in an eye,but in most cases it disappears.

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