What happens when pesticides accumulate in your body?



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    Depends on the individual, the pesticide, the concentration, and the amount of time involved. Anything from nothing at all, to death.

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    Occasional exposure or ingestion to pesticides over time has been known to cause birth defects, fetal death, reduced fertility, dermatitis, different cancers, and Parkinson’s disease.

    Other symptons that occur when exposed to or have ingested pesticides are: skin and eye irritation, headaches, fatigue, weakness, vertigo, nausea, diarrhea, metallic taste in the mouth, excessive hair growth or loss, decrease in reflexes, irritability, and an overall decline in health (this includes damage to the nervous and endocrine systems).

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    The event ranges from irritation to death depending on the individual, type of chemical and amount of accumulation.

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