What happens when our sewer systems over flow and cause raw sewage to run?



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    When a sewage spill occurs raw sewage is allowed to escape into the open environment. Raw sewage contains pathogens that are dangerous to humans. Raw sewage can also cause huge increases in bacteria in waterways. This bloom in bacteria can be harmful to fish and other animals in the waterways. Sewage spills can also cause various environmental damage.

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    Like cox01 said, raw sewage contains pathogens that can be very dangerous to ecosystems, humans, and animals. Some of these pathogens include E.coli and Hepatitis A. Humans effected by raw sewage waste can develop a range of illnesses, such as gastroenteritis or Weil’s disease, which can actually be fatal to some. Infection and asthma are also common problems triggered by the exposure of raw sewage.

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    As cox01 said, an algal bloom can result from waste water spillover into natural waterways. Algal blooms are particularly hard on aquatic life because they deplete the dissolved oxygen content of the water. This process is known as eutrophication. If only a little sewage is put into the water, then the oxygen content will probably not diminish too much, but at certain levels, sewage can be very harmful to the streams.

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