What happens when my drywall gets wet?



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    Like most things that get wet, drywall grows mold which can have harmful effects on your health. I am sure you have heard of asbestos and the negative effects it has had on people’s health. It is the black mold you find in places that have either had a leak, or been exposed to water. Below there is more information on the toxic black mold that can be found all around your house, as well as information (link 2) on how to remove it. If you do however have some type of asbestos, it is best to call a certified contractor who is licenced to remove it. There are a lot of steps he/she must follow in order to ensure it is completely out of your home.

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      Mold and asbestos have no direct connection! Black mold is NOT asbestos.
      There are many types of mold – members of the fungus kingdom of living organisms. Some are desirable – the mold on blue cheese for example, and penicillin antibiotic originally was derived from molds (many other medicines have been derived from molds as well, such as cyclosporin).
      But other molds are hazardous, including some that grow after plaster or other building materials get wet.
      Asbestos is a family of naturally occurring minerals that have some desirable properties – such as sound attenuation, and very high heat resistance, thus asbestos materials were frequently used in building materials (for example, in the 1920 house I rented, it was used to shield the furnace and ducts). The health hazards of asbestos were not recognized until late in the 20th century.

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    If you fear mold is growing, you should have your house tested.  A testing professional can conduct air and surface tests to see if there is mold present.  Don’t just  do surface testing though because the mold could be growing inside the walls and you would never know.  If you do find mold make sure you hire a professional to remove the mold and don’t do it yourself.  If you do it wrong you might just end up spreading it into other areas of your home.

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