What happens to old Christmas trees?



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    Each year, more and more Christmas trees across the country are, thankfully, being recycled and turned into compost.  Many cities will now arrange special pick up days or specify drop-off locations for Christmas trees.  Trees are then ground into wod chips and used for compost.  The following is an article about one such effort in a Texas community.  Hopefully more and more areas throughout the country will start offering this service.

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    Trees can be recycled! We can mulch them — using a machine (energy intensive—how many strong young men would it take to do the job themselves) we chop them up and turn them into other products! They are mostly used for wood chips (for landscaping) or for particle board material. I wrote the article below about Holiday Recycling — definitely figure out where to bring your tree/ natural refuse — nearby my house there is a Dump Station for any Yard Waste — this is the way to go… it saves space in landfills, and they are able to use the debris (leaves that get raked up each fall, or weeds, or branches, or X-mas Trees!) for another purpose! It’s truly amazing what we are now doing to make things go further and to protect the environment from human impact…

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