What happens to old car batteries when they don’t work anymore?



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    Left to their own devices, the battery acid in car batteries will eventually corrode its’ plastic container and begin to leak lead and battery acid. This is severely hazardous, and old batteries should never be handled without proper protective gear.  The battery acid is a form of Sulfuric acid and eats thru clothes, material and even your skin.

    Your best bet is to take it to a local car mechanic or service shop, like WalMart to get the battery recycled. It usually doesn’t cost you anything, and the old battery will get disposed of properly. 

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    Lead-acid batteries are melted down and recycled. Most lead-acid batteries are recycled, so when you get a new battery it will likely contain a lot of recycled material. Hopefully, we will develop a similar system for recycling lithium-ion batteries as they become more popular. Recycling lithium-ion batteries could ultimately make them less expensive to consumers.

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