what happens if you use antibiotics too often ?



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    Using antibiotics too much and without the consent of your doctor is dangerous because there’s a high risk that you will become resistant to it. Resistance to antibiotics means the resistance to methicillin, Staphylococcus aureus. Resistance to antibiotics means that the medication no longer is able to combat disease-causing bacteria. That means that infections would last longer and be harder to treat which would lead to more doctor visits, hospital stays and more advance, toxic medication. Being unable to fight off certain infections can lead to  death.

    So it is important to use antibiotics wisely and accordingly to your doctor’s orders. By doing so you can help prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant bacterias. Although, experts are working hard at concocting  new antibiotics that would fight off the antibiotic resistant bacteria, these infectious bacteria tend to adapt and become resistant quickly. So do what you can to prevent and prolong the bacterias from becoming immune to meciation by not misusing antibiotics.

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    elizatran48 has covered the issues nicely in her response.

    I’ll add something personal. I had a root canal two weeks ago. There were two operations, days apart. The MD prescribed antibiotics for the first operation, but did not extend them for the second operation. (Since I was already taking them, I suppose.)

    I asked a friend who is a doctor about this, and the doctor said, much as in elizatran’s summary, that doctors are now being more careful prescribing antibiotics when the overall effect for a person, or for a community, might be to make them less effective. Ok, I understand this.

    The tooth was a success, but 10 days later I got a severe sinus infection. I called my friend the doctor again, and she at once said I needed to get an X-Ray.

    No. No. No. They took many X-Rays when my root canal was being done, and there was no problem, except that one tooth. I didn’t NEED an X-Ray, I needed the freaking antibiotics.

    Today? I talked with the advice nurse for 20 minutes. She insisted that I either come into the hospital, or at the least, take a call from my regular doctor. I did that. My regular doctor and I talked for 3 minutes, and he prescribed a new course of antibiotics.

    There’s a moral to this story. Yes, antibiotics are being widely and regularly overused. No, the answer is not to withhold them from people who are occasional users over their lifetime.

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