What happens if we don’t stop global warming?



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    To be perfectly honest and fair, we’re not entirely sure what will happen. The problem is that the environment is incredibly complex, and the inter-relationships between climate and its living organisms is massively difficult to model. What scientists are mostly worried about is when we reach the “tipping point.” This mysterious point in time is where we activate positive feedback loops in the environment, which will cause nature to, instead of working to counteract and balance our effects, accelerate global warming. At this point, carbon emissions into the atmosphere from natural processes will increase without human help. And then there are the issues regarding rising sea levels, more erratic weather patterns, stronger tropical storms, etc, all of which will devastate lives, homes, economies, and development throughout the globe.

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    Well, it seems a lot will happen. But the worst consequences involve rising sea levels that will threaten many big cities; water shortages and droughts throughout much of Africa and parts of Asia; infertile soil that prevents crops from being grown, among others. Storms will increase in intensity, and that is something that we have already begun to see with hurricanes. No one knows when exactly the worst will take place, but these are some of the possibilities we have to face.

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    Many different species of animals may be at risk of extinction due to global warming. One clear example would be the polar bear, which makes its home largely in the arctic circle. Increases in global temperature has led to a melting of its icy habitat thus reducing their ability to find sufficient food. Polar bears main prey are seals which they hunt from a platform of ice. Due to the rise in global temperatures, the sea ice melts earlier than normal leaving the bears without the sufficient fat reserves to survive harsher periods. 



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    If we do not stop global warming sea levels will rise and all the ice is going to melt. There will be water and food shortages. Then many animals will become extinct and maybe even humans.

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    well, global climate change is something that the Earth has been doing for a long time.  If we were to reduce our carbon emissions we would increase the quality of our air and possibly cool the Earth.

     It is possible the Earth is heading toward a new ice age though.  As the temperature continues to go up, the polar ice caps will melt into the sea and lower the temperature of the sea.  This will mess with currents and eventually induce an ice age. 

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    In addition to increased frequency in weather events, sea level rise, and other natural disasters mentioned here, the global temperature will rise to a degree so that the tundra (frozen peat) will thaw. This will cause the frozen peat to rot, emitting enormous amounts greenhouse gases into the air, namely methane and nitrous oxide. An increase in greenhouse gases will cause the global temperature to rapidly continue rising, and after centuries, it is predicted that the earth will quite literally boil.

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    if we don’t stop global warming then all ecosystem will change. there will be no certainity of rainfall and summer season. some would sink in water due to river flood and some will see lack of water. if water shortage happened then agriculture will affected and after this, we.
    due to excess of co2 in atmosphere we will be in trouble .
    axcept this poor willsuufer more effectively since rich will grab all resources. that ‘s why should start saving our envoirnment from global warming. god blesss all people.

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