What happens if we dont reduce our carbon footprint?



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    Impending doom. On the individual level, the modifications you make in your habits can greatly contribute to reducing the effects of global warming, as well as increase your level of social responsibility. Although many people have the mentality of “Everyone else is becoming more ‘green’, why should I?” the changes you make in your day-to-day activities will help you as well as the planet. By saving energy, driving less, buying appropriate foods, etc., you can save money as well as increase your health and the health of the planet.

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    Failing to reduce our carbon footprint would most likely result in the continued trend of increased greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere that capture heat from the sun and trap it near the surface of the earth, resulting in global warming. The effects of this captured heat include increased climate instability and melting ice, resulting in higher sea levels. These combinations lead to losses of usable land and damaged property, especially in coastal regions. By increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere humans have disrupted the delicate balance of the ecosystem and are approaching a less live-able Earth.

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