What happens the fluids that spill from a car in an accident?



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    It is typical of firefighters to put kitty litter, or something like it, on any fluids that spill out from a disabled car like oil and coolant. It soaks up the liquid and prevents it from going directly into the storm drains. However, eventually all of it washes away.

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    In the recent past, firefighters used wash-downs to get rid of fluids.  In short, pressurized water from a fire truck was used to spray the fluid off the road (and onto the shoulder or land next to the road).  As cesmith110 said, firefighters now use absorbent material to soak up fluids and then dispose of the material in a manner appropriate for hazardous material. A link to a company selling supplies and services of this type is below.

    One thing to consider:  while fluids from accidents are cleaned up, fluids leaking from vehicles in poor repair are not.  These leaks effect wildlife.  Antifreeze is a common example of this; every year many wildlife and domestic pets are poisoned by licking antifreeze from roads or driveways. 

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