What happens to disposable cameras once they are used?



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    When a disposable or “one time use” camera (OTUC) is taken to a photo finisher for developing, after the photographs are developed the camera body is typically returned to the manufacturer, which pays the photo finisher for the returned cameras. The polystyrene frame and chassis of the cameras will then be extracted and re-used in the manufacturer of new OTUCs. The plastic bodies of the cameras will then be ground up, mixed with resin and the material also re-used in the manufacturing process. Kodak, the largest manufacturer of OTUCs, redesigned its line of OTUCs in the early 1990s to facilitate recycling, and administers a recycling program with photo finishers. In 1996 it reported that 77% of its OTUCs were recycled. That number rose to 84% in 2008.

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