What happens to aquifers when they start to lose water?



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    As aquifers are generally located in places where a river runs over head, if the water table begins to fall below the riverbed level, then it will draw water from the river. Conversely, if there is excess water, it will soak into the river.

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    The are instances where an aquifer becomes extremely depleted, or disappears altogether.  When an aquifer is fed by a non-riparian source such as melting snow, but the aquifer is being drained faster than it can replenish itself, the aquifer may become totally empty.  This apparent in many agricultural regions that really on groundwater for irrigation, where global warming has reduced the natural snow pack which leads to less and less water entering the under ground aquifer to replenish its levels.

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    There can be aquifers in desert regions as well, and get replenished by groundwater.  But they are usually drilled deep into the ground, so they can reach a certain point when they run out and then it’s just out and on to the next.  

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