What is happening to the earth since its natural resources are being overused?



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    A great many things are happening. Suggest exploring topics such as “consumption” “climate change,” “resource depletion,” “peak oil”, “carbon footprint,” and others. You can start by searching here on greenanswers, as all these topics have extensive questions and answers.

    There is no simple answer to your question, as the earth’s systems (including humanity) are intimately interconnected.

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    The Earth will be okay as we humans continue to extract resources, but our species might suffer if we rely on finite resources. If our social and cultural systems are dependent on resources that are limited and heavily extracted, as those resources become more scarce, our ability to reproduce our daily existence will decrease. The earth does not need natural resources as much as do humans.

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    I’ve read several articles online this summer stating that if the current trends of human growth and consumption continue, the Earth will essentially be out of resources by the year 2050. The planet simply cannot support so many people who want so many things at that point. Though I doubt that we will be out of resources by 2050, there will definitely be consequences if humans continue using as much as they are, especially with more countries developing faster and demanding more for their consumers.

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