What is happening with the animals of Haiti?



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    There is a special team assembled in Haiti to aid the animals that were affected by the devastating earthquake on January 12th, 2010.  The team called the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) consists of American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.  Among the main concerns this team is disccusing with the Haitian government and outside agencies such as the United Nations is are possible outbreaks of zoonotic diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis.  This being said, the main efforts right now are to establish proper humanitarian efforts to help the human population in Haiti before any large scale animal rescue and care operation is initiated.

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    Unfortunately, as of now, very little. The emphasis in the first weeks following a disaster like the Haiti earthquake is always on the human survivors. Haiti has one zoo, and is the natural habitat of several endangered species.

    However, some animal welfare efforts have gotten underway. The Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti is accepting donations at http://www.wspa.ca/latestnews/2010/join_us_and_help_the_animals_of_haiti.aspx

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