What happened to the two EPA employees who posted their climate bill criticisms on YouTube?



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    According to the SF Examiner website, 20 year SF EPA employees Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel were told to take down their “The Huge Mistake” video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSNQzSjb38g) which criticizes the EPA’s cap-and-trade initiative in the American Clean Energy and Security Act.  Apparently Williams and Zabel were given permission by the EPA to post the video, but after an accompanying op-ed piece in the Washington Post was published in October, the EPA ordered the video to be removed because it violated agency policy.  The EPA has been scrutinized for censorship, but the video still remains on youtube.  The Examiner also noted that EPA General Counsel Scott Fulton said, “EPA has nearly 18,000 employees and all of them are free to, and many do, publicly express their views on issues of the day.  The only requirement is that employees adhere to the government’s ethical regulations, which are in place to ensure that EPA and other agencies maintain the highest possible ethical standards at all times

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