What happened to the other half of half dome?



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    The Yosemite Valley once was the home of a large glacier. As the glacier formed and spread through the valley it chopped Half Dome in half, and created the distinctive U shape Yosemite Valley and other former glacial valleys display. 

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    According the the United States Geological Survey, Half Dome probably never actually had another half.  The shape of the mountain was caused by glacial movement.  Continued exfoliation of the rock surface since then has helped Half Dome to maintain its characteristic shape.

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    so Right and SO Wrong……..the other half of Half Dome can be found in the alluvuial terraces of eastern Merced County..the shape of the Mountain was caused by glacial movement..but it went downstream and formed a fan that dates back 1 million years..the China Hat formation is one of the oldest and least deformed landforms in the world. This and the other sucsesive fan surfaces from the episotic uplift of the Sierra Nevada is home for many rare and endangered plants and animals..The fact that the Merced River fan is mostly intact has enabled soil scientists to look at soil age in relation to soil development

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