What happend to the greek civilization? Are they still around?

Okay , this might not make sence but, WHat happend to the greek civilization? Are they still around? If they aren’t around still how did they end? If they are still



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    Yes Greece still exists.  If your talking about politics and culture and stuff like that, it just changed.  Time changes things.  Thats how every culture is.  Just like here in America we don’t really have “frontier spirit” culture anymore.  Themes and politics change overtime.  Its natural.  But yes, you can still see their past in current Greek culture

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         Not only does the country of Greece still exist, ancient Greek civilization has been extremely influential in shaping the modern world. Philiosophers like Plato and Aristotle and works like the Iliad and the Odyssey shaped the development of philosophy and literature in Western culture. The Roman Empire conquered Greece politically but revered its culture. After the fall of Rome, the Byzantine Empire preserved the Greek learning that later had an influence on the Slavs and Islam’s Golden Age. The rediscovery of Greek texts fueled the European Renaissance. Until the early twentieth century, knowing ancient Greek was considered an important part of being an educated person. Shakespeare was considered uneducated because he knew little “Latin and less [ancient] Greek”. Most colleges and universities still teach it today as part of their classics programs.

         Another ancient Greek invention that remains important today is, of course, democracy.


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