What is hand lotion made out of?



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    In a list on top hand creams for dry skin, pretty common ingredients included water and glycerin.  In higher-end hand creams by companies like L’Occitane and Fresh, the main ingredients are natural and vary from shea butter to floral acids.  Burt’s Beeswax is a favorite and it, of course, has beeswax.  Lanolin is also a common ingredient.  In many drugstore varieties, petrolatum (in Vaseline and Gold Bond, for example) or glycereal styreate and cetearyl alcohol are on the list of ingredients.  These tend to leave the hands a bit greasy and are also a drawback since they are not natural.

    The point?  A lot of hand lotions are overpriced but in many cases you’re paying for natural ingredients that make your hands feel nice.  For these, the ingredients are varied because they want to invent their own recipes to justify the cost and make their own line special.  For the cheaper drugstore varieties, you will see a lot of similarities in ingredients, including the ones listed above

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