What is a gypsum pond?



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    A gypsum pond is a waste pond created to hold gypsum waste, a by-product from coal-fired power plants. The ponds are lined to prevent leakage of the waste into the environment, and contain the by-product that is created when scrubbers at a power plant remove sulfur dioxide that is generated by burning the coal at the plant in order to generate electricity.

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    A gypsum pond is a pond used for waste control, generally at power plants. Gypsum is a limestone by-product of pollution-reducing scrubbers that becomes deposited in the pond, along with other substances. These ponds are typically lined in order to prevent the water from seeping out and potentially reaching other water sources.

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    Gypsum is hydrated calcium sulfate, not a limestone (which is calcium carbonate). While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, that is incorrect.

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