What is Greenwashing?



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    Greenwatching is esstially companies, industries, or the government trying to sell a product or create a policy, and fasely using  “pro-environmental” images as a selling point. 

    Probably one of the most recent examples is BP claiming the company is pro-environment, even giving out and accepting awards based on environmental friendliness. 

    The truth was, the Gulf spill and its aftermath proved that the company was definitely not pro-green, the environmentallly-friendly marketing turned out to be lip service.

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    Several companies preform some type of Greenwashing. For instance Kraft’s Post Select Cereal advertises natural products when they in fact use genetically altered corn. Due to marketing research and revealing documentaries such as “Food Inc.” food companies are aware that consumers are gaining information about what the’re eating and greenwashing is just another method to appeal to the changing times.

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