what is the greenst way to have a garden at my house?



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    -Don’t use pesticides/herbicides/fungicides.
    -Don’t over-water your plants.
    -Use native plants (they are more suitable for your climate and will require less attention).
    -Turn your roof into a green roof and use it as a veggie garden.
    -Use your garden to grow food—your food will be local and organic and will reduce your use of transportation fuel and plastic grocery bags!

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    Keep the garden close to the house so you’ll spend time in it.  Use drip irrigation to water and tailor the amount of water needed by different plants using drip emitters.  Make your own compost using kitchen scraps, grass etc…Only use organic fertilizers, and organic pest control methods.  GrowOrganic.com has a good selection of garden supplies for growing organically.  We love their products!  

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