What is the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior?



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    The Rainbow Warrior is an environmental campaign ship that has been in Greenpeace service for 21 years. In 1978 while representing 10 nations and staffed by a 24-member crew, the original Rainbow Warrior departed from the docks of London. That same year the ships activists were responsible for preventing the slaughter of nearly 6000 grey seals – the resulting public clamor ended the species’ removal from Orkney Islands North of Scotland. In 1979, after an unsuccessful attempt to halt whaling campaigns in the Icelandic waters resulted in harpoon assaults and detainment, the second attempt produced the desired effect. In 1981, Rainbow Warrior’s crew was arrested for rendering harp seal pups commercially worthless by drawing a green line across their coats. In 1984, protests against toxic chemicals burns in the ocean resulted in the US Environmental Protection Agency retracting the permit to do so in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1985, the ship was bombed and sunk in Auckland harbor by the French in response to the protest against French nuclear testing. In 1987, the French Government was ordered to pay $8.6 million to Greenpeace by the International arbitration panel. In 1990, the ship’s crew was amidst evidence collection in regards to the destructive nature of driftnet fishing in the Pacific Ocean. In 1993, radioactive and industrial waste dumping at sea was outlawed by the London Dumping Convention.

    To read up on other Rainbow Warrior’s accomplishments follow this link to the Greenpeace website: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/about/ships/the-rainbow-warrior/


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