What is the greenest way to ward off mosquitoes?



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    There are definitely lots of green options out there, but unfortunately I’m not totally sure of their effectiveness.  One website I came across suggested spraying garlic juice in your yard.. apparently mosquitoes hate it. 

    Here is a link to an explanation of another green way to ward of these pests: http://asia.cnet.com/blogs/high-on-a-hill/post.htm?id=63008668

    Here is a list of other things you can do:

    • Get rid of standing water around your house
    • Plant Marigolds… they also don’t like the scent of these
    • If you are having a bbq, burn some sage or rosemary
    • Citronella candles repel mosquitoes and are eco-friendly
    • For use on your body you can try eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, or cedar oil mixed with ater and sprayed onto your skin



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