What is the greenest way to travel through Europe?



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    Green travel means using as few resources as possible.  This means sharing.  In my opinion, the greenest ways you can actually travel from place to place are to bike or take a train (or hike, but that might be a long trip).  If you are interested in biking, which would be pretty cool, here are some trails and recommendations: http://goeurope.about.com/od/bikingeurope/Biking_Europe_Bicycle_Touring_European_Countryside.htm

    For travel by rail, which is always a good option as its public transportation, check out these sites: http://www.eurail.com/ and http://www.raileurope.co.uk/

    When you get there, budget locations are not only good for your wallet but for the environment.  Some options include couchsurfing (http://www.couchsurfing.org/), a program where you can find people with available couches to host you, WWOOFing (www.wwoof.org), a program where you work a few hours a day on a farm, winery, you name it, for room and board, or simply a hostel with shared rooms (read: no individual thermostat, no bathtub).  If you have the money to spare you could check out eco-hotels.

    Travel causes emissions.  There’s the plane, any mode of transportation, the energy of bringing food to the restaurant where you’re buying and eating it (although this is true of restaurants anywhere), and the usually inevitable energy-intensive hotel stay.  If you are aware of your modes of travel and stay in places where your “footprint” is minimized, you’re doing well.

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    Anything that involves walking or biking is the greenest way to travel.  It’s also a better way to see more sights.  However, to get to Europe, you should fly coach class, as that is the most fuel efficient plane option to get overseas.  See below for more tips for flying.

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    In Europe there is a new bicycle that was unveiled in Copenhagen that is gaining popularity.  It uses a hub that harnesses kinetic energy and stores it for later use.  As you pedal, energy is amassed and saved, thereby allowing you to travel more distances using less energy. If you are considering traveling far and being eco friendly, check out the Copenhagen Wheel.

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