What is the greenest way to heat an office building?



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    So far it seems that there are several options being tested but there’s no clear “winner.” The technologies are still so new that they are expensive to put into place and keep up.  One way that seems interesting is using ground heat – the natural heat that is stored in the ground when absorbed from the sun.  


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    One of the best ways to make a building more energy efficient is to improve its insulation. A lot of insulation is faulty or out of date. By reducing how much heat escapes from a building, you’ll decrease how much fuel has to be burnt to heat it, sometimes dramatically. And this also helps your wallet!

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    Maybe provide snuggies for everyone in the building?

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    Leave the blinds/curtains open all day. This will allow the natural light and warmth to come in. I have seen places where they close the blinds during the day and turn on the lights…amazing. Also, as Sarah mentioned, good insulation would help.

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