What is the greenest way to have a fish as a pet?

My three year old beta died recently, its a one gallon cylinder tank, I have always had beta because they don’t need electricity but because of my growing desire to conserve water I don’t feel the need to have a fish, however is it bad not to give a fish from the pet store a good home?



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    Yea, it’s pretty bad to not give a fish (or any other types of pets, for that matter) a good home. I don’t know if there’s a “green” way to have a fish as a pet since fish is already considered a pretty convenient pet anyway in terms of its maintenance. I think having a beta is a great choice, and I’m sorry yours have died recently. Another alternative to a beta is a gold fish. From my experience, they don’t need a lot of water but they do produce a lot of waste. You can try to raise tetras or guppies – they are small and easy to maintain. If you wish to conserve as much water, then I suggest you raise as few fish as possible. 

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