What is the greenest way to get rid of old electronics?



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    If they still work then you should donate them to a charity that can use them. Or if you can use parts then you should use the old parts. If they are totally dead then you should take them to an electronic recycling site. There are sites in all cities or sometimes there are drop off days at local schools or fire stations.

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    One of the greenest is also the easiest.  You need to only find a collection drive and hand it over.  There are e-waste recycling collections in almost all cities now, and the drives may be held at convenient places such as grocery stores.  Check out this list of resources compiled by the EPA to find a collection center close to you.


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    You want to take your electronics to a reputable electronics recycler.  Your community may have a permanent collection site, or one-day collection drives.  You can also take your old electronics to Best Buy for recycling.  Check Earth911.org for an electronics recycling location near you.

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