what is the greenest way to get rid of a headache?



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    While there may be no definite “greenest” way to alleviate headache pain, there are several natural remedies. Feverfew is excellent for migraines, because it stimulates the liver which detoxifies and purifies your blood stream. Be warned, though, it tastes very bitter so you may want disguise the taste of feverfew leaf by adding it to a meal. Second, Rosemary infused for 10 minutes in boiling water helps release tension which causes the most common headache in the united states, the tension headache. Lavender placed under a pillow or inhaled after infusion, relieves stress and can help you fall asleep reducing the pain and interference of a headache. Finally, I often apply pressure to the fleshy part of my hand between the tendons of my thumb and index finger. It’s a form accupressure and you should never do it without advisement, but I have found it works wonders. 


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    A couple very simple methods where you don’t take any medicines or herbs are, 

    Drinking water – many headaches are caused by dehydration

    Massage – tension in shoulders and neck often lead to tension in your head, relieve muscle tension and possibly relieve you head ache!

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    The website i have provided lists different “natural” ways to get rid of headaches. Exercise, herbal supplements and an eucalyptus bath are some of the suggestions listed.

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