What is the greenest way to travel to a foreign country?



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    Walking, or, not making the trip.

    If you live too far of a distance to make that an option, probably motorcycle, bicycle (http://adventurecycling.org/routes/pacificcoast.cfm), bus, or other public transportation options or low impact options (kayak?).

    Flying is clearly not the best option, but if you do it, I provided some links to responsible travel below. There is always the carbon offset option, and if you volunteer your time once you get there, even better.

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    Unfortunately, there is really no way to be green when traveling longer distances than can be walked or biked. Your best bet is probably to take an airplane and pay for the carbon offset option that airlines usually offer. If you’re in Europe, taking the train is the greenest way. In general, any vehicle that seats more people will be greener than one that seats less, because the carbon intensity per person will be decreased.

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    Hitchike! Fly as little as possible, and reduce your ecological footprint by having more time to hitchhike and bike or take the boat across oceans. It might also prove to be a more interesting travel experience as well because you’ll get to see more places, meet more people and have authentic cultural experiences.

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