What is the greenest water filter on the market?



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    Rated by consumersearch.com, the PUR brand of water filters was ranked as the best.  Because they are said to leave the best-tasting water, many people prefer PUR over other brands.  The filters also come in several varieties including pitchers and attachable faucet filters.  Personally, I’ve used a Brita pitcher for several months now and it does a pretty good job.  Just be sure to read the directions and know how often to change the filters within the pitchers or attachments.  

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    I think the best overall brand on the market is Aquasana. For years they are voted as the best. PUR and Brita are slightly more popular because of cheaper prices but overall AQuasana leads in quality, contaminants removed and consumer satisfaction.

    If you read the reviews on amazon or any other review website you will see what i mean.

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