What is the greenest vehicle in Chevrolet’s lineup?



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    Whichever car currently holds that title is about to be unseated: Chevorlet has plans for several new, more eco-friendly cars to be released in 2010 and 2011, including the plug-in hybrid Volt and the small ecomony car Spark.

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    Chevrolet has said that the Volt will be capable of more than 230 miles per gallon in the Volt, a new hybrid expected to launch in late 2010. However, there’s some trickery there. The vehicle is expected to get up to 50 MPG on its gas engine and can drive up to 40 miles on only its electric motor. 

    Basically, if you drive a Volt 50 miles a day, you could get 250 miles to the gallon since you’d only be using gas for about 10 miles of your trip. However, you’d have to recharge that batteries everyday to achieve that result.

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