What is the greenest type of construction?



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    LEED buildings are becoming the new standard of green construction.  They are rated Bronze, Silver, and Gold based on how green the building is.  They measure water usage, materials and resources, indoor air quality, and other factors to rate the building. 

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    Some of the greenest types of construction are the most natural ones. A few types of very green construction are Rammed Earth, Earth Sheltered, Steel, and Straw Bale. Rammed earth is using earth itself, the sand, clay, and limestone, compacted and built up in layers. It almost entirely eliminates heat and sound transfer. Earth sheltered houses are build into the earth or against berms, making them protected from natural disaster and naturally heated and cooled. Steel is used in commercial building but is gaining popularity in residential building as well. Straw is inexpensive and plentiful and is durable when finished with stucco. 

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    The truth???Mud Huts…….But this is probobly not what you were looking for

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    To add to the list: re-using shipping containers as the structural framework for a home. This considerably reduces the amount of raw materials required to build; you could even earth shelter it to minimize insulation requirements.

    You can read more about building with shipping containers here (http://www.shipping-container-housing.com/)

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