What is the “greenest” thing you think you do?



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    I’m a vegetarian, and if I ever do eat meat, I insure that it’s produced ethically or with environmental considerations. The water, land, and waste which is consumed by the meat industry has the largest environmental footprint, and is responsible for a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. By not eating meat I am decreasing my individual carbon footprint drastically. Attached is a great reference article as to why not eating meat is an effective way to combat climate change.

    In addition I carpool, recycle, use reusable bags, etc. – but I think that my decision to not eat meat is the “greenest” lifestyle change I have adapted.

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    Researching environmental issues related to climate change, so that I can become a personal expert in the science. This is important to be a critical observer of the climate change debate, and to properly filter the media hysteria.

    Additionally I take public transit to school, walk when I can, use canvas grocery bags, buy all my clothes from thrift stores, minimize my meat intake (beef is very harmful to the environment), among other things.

    There are a lot of small things that individuals can do, but the most important are drive less, eat less meat (not necessarily going vegetarian), and most importantly become personally educated about the issues.

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    I would say since I am a vegetarian that is the greenest thing that I personally do. Recycling and reusing the majority of the products in my home would also be on the top of the list of environmentally friendly choices that I make.

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    I reuse instead of recycle (when I can, and when I can’t I recycle). I ride my bike, and buy organic foods.

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