What is the greenest thing you have ever seen someone else doing?



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    The greenest thing I have seen actively is driving thru the wind turbine farms in California, seeing so many of them flowing harmoniously was great.

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    I saw an amazing man who could fit a month’s worth of trash into his glove compartment! He lived a minimal-waste lifestyle and it was so inspiring. He composted all his food scraps and made everything himself to avoid unnecessary waste.

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    I saw something similar (unfortunately not in person) that a guy on Planet Green was doing. He kept all his trash for a year to see how much he would produce, and came up with ways to reduce his own trash in the process. It was a little intense (because he still had a lot of garbage) but it really made me marvel at the amount of waste my house produces!

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    I would have to put in my vote for Jay Shafer, who makes and lives in tiny houses. They are only about 90 square feet, perhaps the size of a walk-in closet, and he lives in one full time. These houses leave no wasted space, create a tiny carbon footprint during construction, and he says they encourage those living in them to focus on the essentials and not be so caught up with luxuries. I saw the inside of one on a news segment once, and it was a really cool little wooden bungalow with a hammock for a bed. Even if you’d just want one as a guest house, weekend home or a room for a child, they take up less space and resources than adding a single room to your house.

    The blueprints only cost 99$. I kind of want one.

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    In 2008 the Chicago Tribune named Ken Dunn, 65, the “Greenest Person in Chicago.”  Among other things, Dunn eats leftovers, and outdated food, and only produces 3,800 tons of carbon.  This number is very low when compared to 44,000 tons which is released by the average American.

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