What is the ‘greenest’ thing you do that you’re most proud of?



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    There are many green practices that keep do in my everyday routine. I do not use plastic water bottles, I recycle, I compost, and I conserve as much gas and energy as possible by keeping lights off, heat down, and walking or biking wherever possible. I also volunteer for en environmental non-profit. However I must say that the ‘greenest’ thing I do that I’m most proud of is educating as many people as possible about the things I do and the things they can do to live green! Education and spreading the word is the most important thing you can do because by setting an example and spreading the word you are helping change the behaviors of others and make the world a much greener place!

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    I am most proud of the fact that I do not own a car. I have two fantastic bicycles instead. One is a road bike that goes really fast that I like to use for distances longer than five miles, and the other is a vintage 1965 3-speed that I use more often because it is more comfortable and stable. However, due to pressure from my family, I may be getting a car sometime in the near future.

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    I’m proud of the fact that I recycle a ton, though my apartment complex doesn’t have a recycling program (I tried). It feels great to only throw away a small bag of garbage twice a month in a two-person home. Feels like small beans to not a owning a car, but I do take public transport everyday to school and only drive to work.

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    I am most proud of my compost pile!  I haven’t had it very long but I love the feeling of knowing that I am reducing my carbon footprint.  I keep it inside so my dogs don’t get into it and I went I move into my own apartment I plan on bringing it with.  I am also proud of how much I recycle!

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    I’m proud of driving a hybrid! Since I live in a small suburb, public transportation isn’t always an option for me. The need to own my own vehicle doesn’t help the environment, so I feel better that I drive something that doesn’t pollute as much as other vehicles. 

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    I am most proud of the efforts that I make to improve my local ecosystem.  I have been reintroducing native plants such as cattail and bulrush to a stream ecosystem that runs through a field behind my house.  Gradually, I would like to make this area more habitable for a number of species.  My next project is to put up bird houses in the cottonwood trees.  

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    I think the thing that I’m most proud of is my minimalist lifestyle.  I own/use less stuff than just about anyone I know, and almost everything I do own is used.  Not only is it liberating AND inexpensive, but I personally feel that one of the greatest threats to our environment is over-consumption, and especially the consumption of new items.  There’s already way more than enough stuff out there and I’d rather prevent that stuff from going to waste than spend more money on something that requires more resources and energy to produce and transport.  In order to further reduce my consumption, I’m working on a garden/small farm so I can rely less on store-bought food.

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    Being car-less in Los Angeles, where cars rule the streets and buses are always late and slow. true, I waste a lot of time on the bus or waiting; I lose my freedom to go anywhere, whenever I want; I have to wake up extra early to catch the bus, but I benefit by being to do some things that driving won’t allow me to do: read, exercise (while walking to and from bus stops), meet interesting people or find old friends (once I bumped into an old friend who I have not seen in over 5 years in the subway. since then, we have kept in touch!), enjoy the scenery and, best of all, save money!

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    I am most proud of my environmental artwork. I collect invasive plants that are harming local ecosystems, press the plants, and make pictures of invasive insects out of them. The plants are adhered to paper with sustainable glue. I also make photo collages in Photoshop that feature native species and get them printed from a facility that uses all renewable energy and prints on sustainable bamboo paper. I have been researching sustainable art materials for the past year or two. I have also found eco-friendly acrylic paints and use trash in my artwork at times. I have exhibited my artwork at multiple venues and they have been gifted to sustainability speakers at my alma mater, Baldwin-Wallace College. It’s great to be creative and educate people about environmental topics at the same time!

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