What is the greenest thing we can do to our new home to make it green?



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    One idea is to install solar panels to convert sunlight into usable energy.

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    Reduce your energy and water consumption as much as possible. Do inexpensive things first, like change your most-used light bulbs to compact fluorescents, put all your energy-sucking electronics on power strips and turn the power strips off when you’re not using them. These include things like your TV, DVD player, computer, stereo. Things that don’t need to be on when you’re not at using them. Make sure your home is well-insultated. All these will reduce your energy consumption.

    Put aerators on your faucets, use water-saving shower heads and low-water toilets. plant native grasses and other plants so you don’t have to water them as much.

    All of these save you money in the long-run and make your home more sustainable. Do it right and you can save up for that solar system a lot quicker.

    Here’s a good place for more info: U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide

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    Several easy measures can be used to green a normal house like put the cool roof so to minimise the heat gain and reduce HVAC load.Use of energy rated appliances like washer dryer and dish washer helps to reduce use of gas and electricity. Manually operated spinkler for landsacping reduces the use of potable water.  Rain water harvesting can be used for irrigating .  Use of compact flourescent in place of incandecent bulbs saves  energy long way and gives higher output for lesser input. 

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