What is the greenest taxi company in America?



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    Denver’s Metro Taxi claims to be the most eco-friendly taxi company in the U.S. They have already upgraded many of their vehicles to hybrids, and have plans to be a complete hybrid fleet soon, in their offices they use the latest green practices along with green policies that mandate employees are acting with the environment in mind. 

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    In Arlington, Virginia a company called EnviroCab was the first environmentally sustainable taxi service with 50 hybrid-only cars. They claim to offset more pollution than they create stating “enviroCAB will offset the pollution of two 16 mpg standard taxi cabs currently operating in Arlington County, for each taxi cab that enviroCAB puts in operation”. 

    Another all-hybrid taxi company is Clean Air Cab, in Phoenix Arizona. They started with 26 Toyota Prius hybrids and have plans to increase their fleet to above 200.  Clean Air Cab will offset resulting emissions from its operations with carbon credits, in addition to subsidizing tree planting. 

    The hybrid taxi movement is projected to gain significant popularity in the coming years, thanks to potential federal action.

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