What is the greenest subject in high school?



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    My highschool had an environmental studies class. Both my freshman biology and my AP biology discussed environmental issues at length.

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    Ecology and environmental science courses both focus on environmental and climate issues.

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    While ecology and environmental studies focus the most on the issue at hand, many other classes now are involved in discussing the environment. It plays a role in business, politics, and world affairs.  In most schools the environment is likely to be discussed in social studies, business classes, and nearly all science courses.

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    Physics!  Not only is it the foundation for the discoveries of all types of energy, but thermal and fluid physics outline the dynamics of global warming, oceanography, and meteorology, and allow us to make predictions of how climate will be affected through our influence.  All other sciences depend in some part on physics, and you can bet that a background in physics will give you the tools to intuit issues in ecology, biology, environmental studies, etc.

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