What is the greenest shipping company?



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    The greenest shipping company is DHL (which is owned by Germany). They have many different plans set in place to reduce carbon emissions, expanding into the the renewable energy field and create energy efficient programs.

    UPS ranks last, as the least green of the top shipping companies.

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    FGX is a relative newcomer on the global shipping scene, but it’s definitely one of the greenest (if not the greenest) option out there.

    Their shipping company ships directly from the item’s starting point rather than sending an item to a centralized hub before shipping it to the destination (like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and most other shipping corporations do). This saves an estimated 30% of carbon emissions and also reduces end user costs while ensuring faster shipping times.

    They’re incredibly committed to running a one-hundred percent green company. On their website, they have a “green thermometer” where you can watch as they fulfill a number of eco-friendly business practices (everything from running a hybrid limo service for clientele to using entirely green packaging materials).

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    From personal research, I know that FedEx and UPS are very much well on their way in striving to reduce their overall carbon footprint by using electric vehicles and vehicles that run on alternative fuels. In fact, UPS runs the “largest private alternative fuel fleet in its industry, which includes more than 1,900 vehicles”.

    The second link attached below shows the rankings of the four-leading shippers. UPS is ranked first with a score of 69, and runner up DHL with a close 68.  

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