What is the greenest reusable water bottle?



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    It is hard to say what the “greenest” water bottle is, but here are some good options reviewed by Time.  They are mainly reviewing them on performance, size and durability, but, one of the keys is to make sure it is something you are going to like using a lot, otherwise you may be tempted to replace it with a new one. You may also want to take in to account where the bottle is made when thinking about the emissions of shipping.

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      The greenest water bottle is one that you will use the most. Metal bottles do have a larger initial footprint than plastic bottles, but they tend to perform better and last longer. I prefer stainless steel water bottles with wide openings because they keep drinks cooler and they are easy to clean – no odors or mildew build up. Check out this reusable bottle comparison table: http://www.back2tap.com/facts3_ReusableBottle.html

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