What is the greenest professional sport?



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    The NFL (football) seems to be the professional sport striving towards becoming green. At Super Bowl XXXL they had the first eco-friendly commemorative t-shirt. But as stadium attempt to fallow green standards every sector of professional sports are a long way from being able to take home the most green sport trophy.

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    I believe that cycling is the greenest professional sport, considering how it doesn’t require a specifically designed field for competition. The manufacturing of the bicycle itself may not utilize “green” ways or materials but it does not compare to the amount of grass and space created for soccer fields, basketball courts, and football stadiums. These large spaces require high maintenance (lots of water and constant trimming) and the environmental effects are detrimental. Also, indoor sports, such as table tennis and volleyball, need bright lighting, which uses a good amount of electricity, In pro cycling, competitors ride through existing spaces and may not use as much water and electricity as other sports.

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