What is the greenest printer for my computer?



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    Xerox is marketing a Solid Ink color printer that uses solid blocks of ink, similar to a crayon. The solid ink printer creates 90% less waste than a conventional laser printer. The other benefits of this printer, according to EcoFriend.org, are:

    • More consistent print quality page after page and on any media
    • Easier to use with no cartridges to load and unload, and no mess
    • Less waste with no cartridges to dispose of, and far less packaging
    • No paper curling or wrinkling that often plagues inkjet and color laser printers
    • Fewer parts so there’s less that can go wrong
    • Faster than inkjet technology
    • No special paper needed, unlike some inkjet printers
    • A wider range of colors are printed by solid ink than most color laser devices

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