What is the greenest organization that Oprah supports?



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    There are many charities that Oprah has started or supports. She mainly tries to provide education for people that couldn’t afford it otherwise, create leaders that, in turn, will turn around and help their own community, or donates to organizations that support human rights. A few of her organizations are committed to make like better for Africans. She has personally donated over $190 million to various non-profit organizations, but these are all organizations that help humanity now and aren’t necessarily considered green.

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    In addition to what rocketman notes, Oprah has also been involved with the Clinton Foundation which supports many different causes, one of the main ones being climate change.  Like rocketman said, Oprah’s main focus seems to be on her girls schools in South Africa though she also dedicates some of her funds to animal rescue leagues and organizations like Project Cuddle and Free the Children that work primarily with underprivileged children.  

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