What is the greenest option at Starbucks?



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    The greenest option is to bring your own washed coffee container. You can also request fair trade coffee/tea and organic soy/milk. Walk into store instead of using the drive thru.

    From globalexchange.org:

    “In 2000, a campaign by thousands of activists across the country pressured Starbucks to carry Fair Trade coffee in all their cafes. See press release and detailed history for more information. As a result, on October 4 Starbucks introduced whole bean Fair Trade Certified coffee at over 2,300 stores, which brought the number of Fair Trade outlets to almost 5,000 nationwide (it’s currently over 7,500). This is an amazing testament to the power of grassroots Fair Trade activism and the real concrete changes that citizens can make in global trade system when we demand products made under fair labor conditions. This was achieved because of the pressure of our grassroots campaign, including 84 organizations that signed an Open Letter to Starbucks as well as 29 national demonstrations that were planned across the country. Still, people should know that there is no guarantee that coffee without the Fair Trade seal is not sweatshop coffee. “

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